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L to R: Tim Binks, Rob Wagemaker, Terry O’Neill, Paula Krupa, Connie MacDonald, Richard McGivern, Jamie Perkins

100 Holes of Help initiative started in 2015 when four Stewart Creek Golf Club members decided to golf one hundred holes on the longest day of the year. With an ambitious plan, they wanted to benefit a local charity and chose to fundraise for YWCA Banff’s emergency shelter. Collectively, they raised more than $25,000 for the cause. They ended up doing 144 holes that day, starting at 5am and finishing at 10:30pm.
In 2016, the team beat their goal by golfing 198 holes on June 26!
Teammates Michael Pepper, Richard McGivern, Rob Wagemakers, Jamie Perkins and Terry O’Neill started their first round at 5:01am and completed the 198th hole (11th round) at 10:40pm, golfing continuously for 17 hours and 39 minutes!! The players were a bit stiff the next day, but happy of their result.
Other teams were also challenged to join the efforts this year and Canmore Golf & Curling Club jumped on board to support the cause. On June 19th, four players – Peter Philp, Philip Maffey, Jason Desoto and Frank Fruhwirth – with the help from Men’s Club Vice Captain John Chiarelli and Captain/Executive Member Chris Wyman, played impressive 146 holes from 6:30am to 10:50pm in varying weather conditions, including rain! The team appreciated the opportunity to be involved.