On March 8, 2018, YWCA Banff invites you to join us to celebrate International Women’s Day and the Bow Valley Women of Distinction Awards at our Change Makers evening.

International Women’s Day (IWD) is celebrated annually on March 8th around the world, celebrating the economic, political and social achievements of women past, present and future. Change Makers is our opportunity to celebrate the trailblazing women of the Bow Valley who are affecting positive change on a local and global scale. The event will also include a talk with our Keynote Speaker, activist and educator Kim Katrin Milan.

Change Makers will be taking place at 7 pm on March 8, 2018 at the Banff Centre’s Rolston Recital Hall. To purchase your tickets, click here, search for ‘CHANGE MAKERS’, and click ‘Buy’.  

Canada’s Change Maker: Kim Katrin Milan

Warm, entertaining and inclusive, Kim Katrin Milan is a powerful speaker igniting conferences, universities & corporate training sessions on human rights considerations and communications. Kim is the co-founder and Executive Director of The People Project; an initiative to bring forth local and international community development for queer and trans folks of color and their allies, through alternative education, art­-activism, and collaboration. She is also one of the owners of the Glad Day Book Shop, the oldest LGBT bookstore in the world.

As an educator, Kim travels around the world talking to people about justice, equity, and human rights. One of the most fundamental things she shares is a reframing of the golden rule. The golden rule suggests that we should treat other people the way that we want to be treated. That might seem simple enough, but it assumes that there is a standard for other people’s experiences. Instead, she encourages audiences to treat people the way they want to be treated, which means we have to ask.

A passionate speaker, Kim is dedicated to inclusivity and invested in arousing a sense of curiosity and empathy in her audience. She uniquely weaves together the historical context, statistical analysis, as well as current events. She is a dynamic speaker, invested in the issues and inspiring in her approach to solutions. By focusing on small meaningful actions and choices, she makes creating large scale change accessible.

A public researcher, consultant and human rights educator, she has shared hundreds of unique resources and presentations around intersectional issues including race, ability & gender.

As a social entrepreneur, she speaks to the opportunities and challenges for women in business and leadership roles. With great openness, she welcomes difficult conversations hosting community dialogues and sharing practical strategies around ‘Sexuality & Consent’, ‘Queer & Trans Allyship’ and ‘Anti­Racism & Equity’.

Working as a media based consultant, she was part of the creative team for the #asktransfolks project – developed in New York City, as part of a global collaboration between non-profit creative collective Papel & Caneta; innovation catalyst Mesa.do; FLAGCX—a network of creative companies part of IPG.Previous Mesas have included individuals like Kobe Bryant. The team included some of the most outstanding creatives in the industry including the Chief Creative Officer at GOOD as well as key individuals fighting for positive change for the trans community of color.

A queer womyn married to a transgender man, she has hosted events for the United Nations, acted as the Grand Marshall for Hudson, NY Pride, and hosted the opening night Black Lives Matter panel at the Art Gallery of Toronto. She’s hosted Laverne Cox at Supporting Our Youth for an LGBTQ youth-centered dialogue.  And, Kim has contributed to Cosmopolitan, MTV, NBC, Larry King Now, Buzzfeed and the CBC both independently and alongside her husband Tiq Milan.


Bow Valley’s Change Makers 

At Change Makers, YWCA Banff will present three extraordinary women in our community with the 4th annual Bow Valley Women of Distinction Awards.

These awards recognize local women who through their own initiative, ability and effort have demonstrated exemplary achievement in their fields. These women are outstanding role models and an inspiration. They have made substantial contributions to the social fabric of our community in unique ways. 

Join us on March 8th at 7 pm as we recognize this year’s recipients at the Banff Centre’s Rolston Recital Hall. To purchase your tickets, click here, search for ‘CHANGE MAKERS’, and click ‘Buy’.  

2018 Bow Valley Women of Distinction Awards