April 2015 – The Bridge – Issue 5

  • Bridge Talk – Connie’s April Update

    Caring as Hard Currency Ideas man Hugh MacLeod is one of my favourite cartoonists. I recently saw one of his wild abstract drawings (gapingvoid.com) that features a profound simple statement, “Caring is the new hard currency.”… READ MORE

  • LGBTQ+ Cultural Competency

    When people think about intimate partner violence, often the images one conjures are of men abusing women. And this is for valid reason; in 2013 women accounted for nearly 80% of all victims of police-reported… READ MORE

  • Biggest, Boldest Breakfast April 24 World YWCA Day!

    Join us for the Bow Valley’s Biggest, Boldest Breakfast on Friday April 24th in celebration of the World YWCA Day! This casual breakfast get-together is an annual tradition and a great way to connect with… READ MORE