Community Celebrates Opening of Puzzles Day Care on YWCA Banff Campus

Puzzles Day Care Centre officially opened it’s doors to the children of Banff on June 29th, 2017, a milestone achievement in our community’s efforts to satisfy childcare demands. After receiving a grant from the province of Alberta to pilot a $25 per day childcare project, the Day Care Society of Banff began its inception of Puzzles, their second day care outpost in town.

The Day Care Society of Banff is a long-standing childcare provider that has served Banff families with quality, affordable early education for over 40 years. In support of their application for the provincial grant, the Day Care Society developed an innovative child care model that would help meet the shortage of affordable day care options in the community.

Now open, Puzzles is providing extended morning and evening child care for up to 24 children between the ages of 1 – 8 years old, serving the needs of 40 families within our community. With many permanent residents of Banff working non-traditional hours in the hospitality sector, Puzzles offers increased flexibility for parents who face challenges to finding appropriate care for their children while at work.

The success of Puzzles marks a momentous community achievement in a town that has long struggled with the capacity to deliver sufficient childcare options to meet demand. The YWCA is thrilled to welcome Puzzles onto our campus, and we look forward to supporting the Banff Child Care Society’s provision of exceptional, suitable childcare for families across our community.