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Residents and businesses of the Bow Valley have a long history of responding to community needs with a compassionate, action-oriented spirit. It is in this spirit that YWCA Banff in partnership with St. George –in-the-Pines Anglican Church, introduce the Bridge House project – a small-scale, housing program for vulnerable local women and children, who require stable, short-term housing and supportive services, as they seek to re-establish a life without abuse.

The Needs of Vulnerable Women and Their Children
The Bow Valley Women’s Emergency Shelter, operated by YWCA Banff, is well established for offering supports and safety to local women and children in need.  Although emergency shelter is a critical first step in the journey towards a life free of violence, finding an affordable permanent place to live in the Bow Valley after a shelter stay can be an insurmountable task.  With no transitional housing available locally, families are often forced to relocate away from our community, schools and support systems – or return to an abusive environment.

Making a Difference
YWCA Banff and St. George’s are working together to bridge the intermediate housing gap between shelter and long term permanent housing. The Bridge House program will provide families with short term, stable housing along with dedicated services to assist families with permanent housing, economic independence and appropriate community connections.

How you can help!
The Bridge House is an opportunity for community partners and friends to contribute to a made-in-Bow Valley housing solution.  Prior to launching the program, the facility requires capital upgrades including plumbing, electrical, paint, cabinets, flooring, and windows and with a 15-year lease, doing the work now makes sense and is a good investment.

We are currently seeking support for these capital upgrades through cash and in-kind contributions. Our goal is to open the Bridge House to families in late Spring 2017.

Donations can be made through ATB Cares, offering a 15% matching contribution and no service fee. Donation tax receipt will be issued to each donor automatically:

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