The YWCA Banff Programs and Services team offers a wide range of support services regarding domestic violence specifically intimate partner violence and abuse.

Domestic Violence

YWCA Banff provides support and counselling services for individuals who are experiencing or have experienced emotional, physical or sexualized abuse from an intimate partner whether living together or not.

If you don’t want to access our Women’s Emergency Shelter because you have an alternative place to stay or choose to stay at home, we can refer you to a counsellor who can meet with you and provide support and counselling, safety planning, goal setting and referrals to community resources.

Have you experienced:

  • Physical violence or threats of violence from your partner?
  • Threats from your partner that they will leave you if you don’t do what they ask?
  • Being kept away from family and friends by your partner?
  • Your partner attempting to prevent you from looking or speaking to other men/women?
  • Your partner using manipulation to get their own way?
  • Your partner preventing you from going out without them?
  • Your partner putting down your physical appearance?
  • Fear or intimidation by your partner?
  • Being treated badly or humiliated by your partner?

Please contact us for support at 403-760-3200.

Sexual Violence

For individuals who have experienced any and all forms of sexualized assault.

Have you had anyone force any form of sexual activity on you without your consent? Examples: Groping, Penetrating, Flashing, Touching

Consent does NOT exist if any of the following apply:

  • the person is in a position of trust or authority
  • one person threatens or uses force
  • a third party says “yes” for someone
  • a person is incapable of consent (e. g. intoxicated)
  • the person expressed in words or conduct a lack of agreement (e. g. saying “no”, pushing away)
  • the person changed his/ her mind at any point


Other Community Resources

Alberta Works:

  • Income support
  • 301-800 Railway Avenue, Provincial Building Canmore.
  • 403-678-2363
  • Walk-in appointments only- first come first serve be there before 8:30am.

 Urgent Care for Mental Health:

  • Offering mental health crisis assessment and psychosocial interventions.
  • Banff – Mineral Springs Hospital; 305 Lynx Street
    • 403-762-4451
    • Hours: 7 days a week- 2:00pm to 9pm
  • Canmore General Hospital; 1100 Hospital Place
    • 403-678-5536
    • Hours: 7 days a week- 2:00pm to 9pm

Food Bank:

  • Banff Park Church-445 Cougar Street (back entrance)
  • Hours: Tuesdays 11:45 to 12pm
  • An appointment available for families: 403-762-1060
  • Bring ID, Bring own bag or back pack