The Mission of the YWCA Banff is empowering women, girls and our community through leadership development, advocacy, and the provision of relevant programming and services.  In pursuit of this mission we focus on nurturing the following values:

A Women’s Perspective: Women must be leaders in shaping social and cultural directions to achieve equality for all women.

Accountability: We are accountable as professionals to our organization and the people and communities we serve.

Cooperation: We are connected to the community and other professionals, committed to learning and working meaningfully together to empower and promote the well-being of women, girls and our community.

Global Connection: We are interconnected through a global movement to women and their families.

Gratitude: We appreciate and respect the generosity of those who help us to achieve our goals.

Service: We provide professional service and create an environment that is open, respectful and welcoming.

Culture: We value a positive and cohesive culture shaped by personal integrity, diversity and a creative approach to new ideas.

In pursuit of this mission, with our values as guides, we will focus on the following priorities:

  • Respect for the human rights of women and girls
  • Provide and advocate for suitable emergency and transitional housing; and permanent affordable housing.
  • Advancing the leadership of women and girls 
  • A sustainable community-based organization