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YWCA Banff provides access to emergency shelter and support for anyone that has experienced or is experiencing emotional, physical or sexual violence.

Who is this program for?
Anyone fleeing violence.

Who do I contact?
24-hour Crisis Line: 403-760-3200

What we can offer?
A safe place to stay, safety planning, referrals to local and regional resources and supportive counselling.

The safety of the shelter was so valuable to me. When I first arrived, I did not feel as though I even deserved to be there, and that it would be impossible to start over. Having received the support of my outreach workers and the security of the shelter, I was able to find that confidence in myself to achieve my immediate goals.
client testimonial

Most of us look forward to returning home at the end of a long day. Our home is our sanctuary. Imagine if you were afraid to go home. Imagine if you feared spending your evening being assaulted and trying to protect your children from violence. What if you were afraid that your life would end at the hands of someone you loved – possibly leaving your children in their care? What if you felt you had nowhere to go?

While we are fortunate to live in one of the most beautiful places on earth; Alberta also has one of the highest rates of domestic violence and abuse in Canada. The Bow Valley is not immune. Violence against women transcends cultural, ethnic and socio-economic conditions. It includes physical or sexual violence as well as emotional, verbal and or financial abuse. Many factors contribute to abuse including financial stress, housing issues, parenting challenges and natural disasters – familiar themes in the expensive, housing-crunched Bow Valley.

Local facilities are limited and the program receives no operating funds for the facility. Cost recovery is fully reliant on fundraising initiatives and revenues from the YWCA Banff Hotel. A grant from the Alberta Government department of Human Services covers some staffing support for counselling and outreach services.

The difference in my emotional state from the time I arrived, to the time I left was a full circle.
Former Client

Shaping a safe and inclusive Bow Valley that empowers women and their community for a better future.

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