The YWCA has been the leading provider of affordable housing in the Banff community for over 25 years. We are proud to currently accommodate 103 residents, while simultaneously delivering programs and services that help make our community a safe and healthy place to live.

The expansion of our affordable rental housing will add 33 units to our inventory, designed for residents who face barriers to finding suitable rental accommodation in Banff. Criteria for potential residents includes (though not exclusively); new and extended families, women and individuals with accessibility needs, with the common thread of being lower income earners.


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Eligibility Criteria

The YWCA Banff will initially assess each application using the following basic criteria:  

  • Meets Parks Canada’s ‘Eligible Resident’ requirements
  • Annual household income falls within required range for unit available 
  • Type of unit required can be matched to number of occupants or specific accessibility needs
  • Canadian citizen; permanent resident or temporary foreign worker whose visa is longer than one year 
  • Not owning real estate in Canada 
Our goal is to create a thriving neighborhood by offering suitable, affordable housing and relevant supports that together foster a sense of belonging, security and community pride.

Unit Types & Rental Rates

  • Studio
    • Minimum Annual Household Income: $32,680
    • Maximum Annual Household Income: $43,000
    • Minimum # of Occupants: 1
    • Maximum # of Occupants: 2
    • Monthly Rent Rates: $817
  • One-bedroom
    • Minimum Annual Household Income: $38,040
    • Maximum Annual Household Income: $57,500
    • Minimum # of Occupants: 1
    • Maximum # of Occupants: 2
    • Monthly Rent Rates: $951
  • Two-bedroom
    • Minimum Annual Household Income: $58,720
    • Maximum Annual Household Income: $69,500
    • Minimum # of Occupants: 2
    • Maximum # of Occupants: Family of 4 OR up to 3 non-related adults 
    • Monthly Rent Rates: $1,468
  • Four-bedroom
    • Minimum Annual Household Income: $100,000
    • Maximum Annual Household Income: N/A
    • Minimum # of Occupants: 4
    • Maximum # of Occupants: Family of 6 OR up to 4 non-related adults
    • Monthly Rent Rates: $2,600


Please review the FAQs below and if you still have questions reach out to our housing team directly. 

  • When will the units be available/ When will the project be complete?

    According to our most recent construction calendar, the anticipated completion date is June 2022 and units will start to become available at that time. Please note, this may be subject to a change.

  • What type of units will be available?

    Studio (12 available), 1 bedroom (9 available), 2 bedroom (6 available) and 4-bedroom units (6 available).

  • How long is the lease term?

    One (1) year to start with the option to renew on a month-by-month term after the first year.

  • Can you explain how you arrived at the rental rates?

    These rates are set based on a number of factors including the cost of rental housing in Banff and the Province of Alberta, the type of unit (how many bedrooms), and our funding agreements.

  • What happens if I need to break the lease?

    A minimum of 2 months departure notice plus $400 administrative fee is required to break the lease in the first year.

  • What happens if someone moves out from a shared unit prior to the end of the lease term?

    That person would be breaking the lease. The rent would need to be paid by the remaining tenants and the YWCA housing department would review the plan going forward with the current tenants.

  • Can I re-apply?

    If your application has been declined for a specific reason (income, need to reside in Banff, etc.) and your situation or the criteria has changed, then please re-apply.

  • How much is the damage deposit?

    The damage deposit is one month’s rent owing at time of lease signing.

  • How did you come up with the eligibility criteria?

    These eligibility criteria are based upon affordable housing standards. Our goal is to be fair and equitable with our application process and offer access to affordable, accessible housing to people living in our community. We also live/work in the Bow Valley and understand the challenges around housing in the Bow Valley.

  • If you allow pets, how many and what type?

    We allow one pet per unit with prior written approval from the landlord (YWCA Banff). If a pet is approved, there will be a $200.00 increase to the standard damage deposit amount and you will be required to complete of the Pet Responsibility Clause documentation. Pets are defined as: dogs (up to 30lbs), cats, birds and fish aquarium.

  • Do I need to have tenant insurance?

    Yes. Each unit is required to have tenant insurance in order to protect your property and any liability for damage to the property.

  • Are the units furnished?


  • Is there an elevator?

    No. There are 5 accessible units of various sizes on the ground floor (see below).

  • Do you have accessible units?

    Yes. Five units in the building, two studio, two 1-bedroom and one 4 bedroom unit were designed for people with limited mobility (wider doors, support bars) and the alarm systems will deliver notification for folks who are visually or hearing impaired. These units are also appropriate for those aging in place and those who have difficulty with stairs. Priority for these units will be given to individuals with disabilities.

  • Does reserved parking come with the unit?

    No. There is resident parking outside the building which is available on a first come, first served basis.

  • When can I expect to hear back regarding my application?

    All applications received in round 1 (by April 7th ) will be reviewed and the primary applicant will be contacted by April 30th. You can expect to be contacted within approximately two weeks of receiving your application.

  • How do you prioritize people on the waitlist?

    YWCA Banff seeks to provide affordable housing on an equitable basis, in line with our mission, vision, and guiding principles, while ensuring program viability. YWCA Banff aims to be transparent in all aspects of our work, including through our application criteria and waitlist selection process.

    If inventory becomes available at a time when multiple applicants are on the waitlist, the relevant unit will be offered according to level of need first, and in the case of a similar level of need, by date of receipt of application. Level of need will be assessed with additional barriers to housing in mind including such factors as: the number of dependents in a family, the % of household income currently paid to rent, individuals with limited mobility (accessible units), households where the primary applicant identifies as a woman and service to vulnerable populations who are precariously housed.

Shaping a safe and inclusive Bow Valley that empowers women and their community for a better future.

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