Where can I get help if I have been assaulted?

The Harmony Project offers compassionate support services to anyone who has been impacted by sexualized violence. Our services are free, confidential and available Monday to Saturday to anyone in the Bow Valley area. Contact us at support@ywcabanff.ca or 403-760-3200.

A Harmony Project Survivor Guide is also available for download as a resource for survivors and those supporting them. If you or someone you know needs immediate emergency assistance, please contact one of the following community resources:

Who are we?

The Harmony Project is a coordinated community response plan that works to end sexualized harassment, assault and violence in the Bow Valley area. These are our community partners:

    • YWCA Banff
    • Bow Valley Addictions and Mental Health- Alberta Health Services
    • Bow Valley Victims Services Association
    • Bow Valley Primary Care Network
    • Banff Mineral Springs Hospital
    • Canmore General Hospital
    • Canmore Young Adult Network
    • Calgary Sexual Assault Response Team
    • Family and Community Support Services, Canmore
    • BanffLIFE – Family and Community Support Services, Banff
    • Banff Royal Canadian Mounted Police
    • Canmore Royal Canadian Mounted Police
    • Right From the Start – Canadian Rockies Public Schools

What do we do?

Through awareness and prevention programing, training for service providers and community members, as well as streamlined resources for survivors of sexualized violence, the Harmony Project works to:

    • Recognize, address and shift harmful social norms.
    • Start proactive conversations about the realities of sexualized violence.
    • Cultivate and advance a culture of consent.
    • Support the healing journey for those impacted.
    • Hold offenders accountable.

Why is this important?

Sexualized violence is devastating, prevalent and preventable. It is an insidious crime of power and control that is supported by silence, fueled by shame, supported by toxic societal norms and influenced by misconceptions and false beliefs. By opening the dialogue and changing the way our community thinks about sexualized assault and harassment, we can change these statistics:

    • One in three females and one in five males experience some form of sexual assault or sexual harassment.
    • 58% of women have experienced at least one act of sexual or physical assault since the age of 16.
    • 94% of sexual assault victims don’t tell anyone out of shame or fear of being judged or not believed.
    • 82% of sexual assaults are perpetrated by someone the victim knows.
    • 1.8 million Albertans (or 45% of the population) have experienced sexualized violence.
    • Only 33% of Canadians can properly define sexual consent.

How can you make a difference?

What happens in our community is our shared responsibility. We

can help protect and support one another through increased awareness,

greater understanding of what consent looks and sounds like, and a collective commitment to evolve past harmful norms.

    • Learn and Grow. The Harmony Project offers educational awareness programs for classrooms, groups and businesses, as well as crisis, short-term and long-term intervention training for emergency responders and community partners. If you would like more information and to arrange a session, contact us at support@ywcabanff.ca or 403-760-3200. 
    • Share and Engage. Your individual efforts to connect with this cause and spread awareness can help change how our community views and responds to this crime. You can get involved by downloading and displaying these posters in your neighbourhood or workplace. You can also help us dismantle the myths by downloading our social media toolkit and sharing it on your social media channels.

Shaping a safe and inclusive Bow Valley that empowers women and their community for a better future.

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