Women’s Circle: A place of connection, self-care and support, where women can come together to have fun, engage, and empower one another.

Thursdays beginning October 4, 2018

6pm to 7:30pm

YWCA Banff Great Room

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Oct 4 - Creative Mindful Journaling
Creative Mindful Journals are a fun and artistic form of self-expression. Playing with various art materials, we will be experimenting and creating our own art journals. An art journal is similar to a written journal—some art journals have a lot of writing, while others are purely filled with images, doodles, drawings, paintings, and more. Our creative and mindful journals will incorporate colours, images, patterns, thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Incorporating mindfulness into our practice, these journals can be used as a tool for self-exploration. Channel your thoughts and emotions into your creativity as you work on these journals. They are a form of creative self-care where anything goes! You will finish this workshop with your own journal to take home with you, so you can keep creating and exploring this mindful art practice.
Oct 11 - Introduction to Mindfulness
This interactive session will share what mindfulness is (and isn’t), and how we practice mindfulness. In addition to learning about the powerful research behind why mindfulness works, participants will experience quick and effective exercises firsthand. Participants will feel empowered to reduce stress, increase energy and positivity, and become more efficient with their time. 
Oct 18 - Stress Management
Stress is inevitable but it does not have to rule our lives! During this session we will dive deep into this buzz word ‘stress’. What is it? How does it affect us uniquely (mind, body, emotions)? How do you currently manage your stress and what are some changes you can make to help you cope better? How does mindfulness help us to manage stress? We’ll explore mindfulness techniques and breathing techniques to cope with stress better. This session will also include a guided meditation as well as silent practice.
Oct 25 - Create To Meditate: Paint Night (2 hours)
A special Halloween themed paint night. Be a kid again and find all the fun in carving pumpkins on canvas! Mindy will guide you through different ideas to bring light from dark tones and make your images pop with warm colors. No experience is necessary to join as each step is taught along the way. There is always more then enough room to add your creative flair! Don’t miss out on this fun evening to make a Halloween treasure that last for years.
Nov 1 - Yoga and Guided Meditation
This will be a gentle yoga class suitable for all levels with a focus on mindful movement. We will close with a guided meditation to help your mind settle and your body relax.
Nov 8 - Movement Is Medicine
Movement is Medicine. Join Kim Mayberry, owner of Dance for Joy Studio in Banff for an hour long exploration of dance, yoga and movement. No dance experience necessary. This is an opportunity to explore different ways to move to fabulous world music. The intention of the class is to share different styles of dance, shake off stress and limitations, and relax into our bodies. Kim will also give Reiki to all participants while in savasana at the end of class. 
Nov 15 - How To Bounce Back - Building Resilience With Mindfulness
Life is full of ups and downs. Building the skills to bounce back from challenge can be enhanced through mindful practices. We’ll explore the concept of resilience and how to become more capable of bouncing back from set backs in your life and work.
Nov 22 - Holiday Craft Making: Papier Mâché
Each year the Holidays boasts all things that glitter with the use of color and light. So why not create something of your very own to warm you over the winter months? Join Mindy to create a string of Papier-mâché ornaments using wires to form your shapes, colorful papers to layer on top and finished with an accent of sparkling dust of silver & gold. The perfect way to lift your spirits and get ready for all things joyful!

Women’s Circle is now FULL. To be placed on the waiting list please email: yps@ywcabanff.ca