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At YWCA Banff, we address a range of challenges impacting Bow Valley residents by offering programs and services that aim to help everyone in our community thrive.

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The impact of the pandemic has not been easy on anyone; however, it is women, people living in poverty, racialized people, and the elderly who have been disproportionately impacted.

Our front-line team has been consistently busy providing critical programs and services to the community during the pandemic, and we anticipate that demand for supports will continue to rise and become more complex in months and years ahead.

A different kind of front-line worker

YWCA Banff will contribute to a Thriving Future for Bow Valley residents by addressing key issues exacerbated by the pandemic:

Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault

We offer programs to support individuals and families facing domestic or sexual violence including emergency shelter, transitional housing, and supportive counselling.

Thriving Futures will allow us to continue adapting and expanding these supports to suit complex needs. (e.g. remote counseling, increased shelter spaces)

Unemployment and Affordable Housing

Suitable housing is a challenge for many in our community. We operate a supportive affordable housing program in Banff and provide short-term emergency housing options with crisis support. Construction is underway on our new Sustainable Housing Project that will add 33 units to our inventory.

Thriving Futures will give us the flexibility to expand our housing options to support more residents in need.

Mental Health Supports

Demand for mental health supports is rising and often coincides with issues of domestic violence, isolation and financial hardship.

Thriving Futures will help our team to expand mental health supports to people in the community, in collaboration and alignment with other agencies in the Bow Valley.

Persisting through the pandemic

Our community has stepped up and demonstrated tremendous capacity to work collectively to respond to this crisis. Funding from government, donors and foundations has provided the YWCA with financial support to address the core needs of our COVID response.

To support expanded programming, we temporarily ceased operations of our social enterprise hotel until May 2021 at the earliest. The hotel typically brings in 60% of our annual revenues.

Fundraising was also impacted with the cancellation of two VINEart Galas, Bow Valley Walk a Mile and several other events.

With no revenues from the hotel, limited fundraising capacity and uncertainty of government funding, Thriving Futures will help to ensure the sustainability of our programs, services and overall operations.  

Shaping a safe and inclusive Bow Valley that empowers women and their community for a better future.

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