YWCA Banff is pleased to announce two substantial contributions to its proposed affordable housing complex. Both provincial and federal governments made a funding announcement on October 23rd 2018, in-person on the future site of Courtyard Project.

Cameron Westhead, MLA for Banff-Cochrane, presented Connie MacDonald, CEO of YWCA Banff, a cheque of $2.6 million for the sustainable housing units. The federal government through the National Housing Strategy’s Affordable Housing Innovation Fund is also providing YWCA Banff with a major contribution. The Honourable Kent Hehr, Member of Parliament for Calgary Centre, made a significant commitment of $1.35 million to the Courtyard Project.

The overall cost of the Courtyard Project is estimated to be just under $9 million. YWCA Banff will cover 20% of the total cost with a contribution of land for the project.

“We are just delighted at the financial investments of both the federal and provincial governments are making for the Courtyard Project,” said Connie MacDonald, CEO of YWCA Banff, “It’s an investment on so many levels, for the town of Banff, our environmental commitment to Banff National Park and of course the families and individuals who are unable to find suitable housing.”

The new funding by the Provincial and Federal governments will be used to build 33 housing units for residents who face barriers to finding suitable accommodation. The Courtyard Project will bring in families with multi-room housing units, ranging from studio to four-bedroom apartments. The Courtyard will be ideal for women, new and extended families, individuals, and people with accessibility challenges.

Cameron Westhead, MLA for Banff-Cochrane with Connie MacDonald, CEO of YWCA Banff and Kent Hehr, MP for Calgary-Centre

Courtyard Project Information Sheet