Monthly donations help fund YWCA’s essential programs to support individuals and families facing domestic or sexual violence including emergency shelter, transitional housing and supportive counselling.

We asked one of our monthly donors, Silvia, to share her thoughts on monthly giving and her motivation to give to the YWCA.

Silvia: “The work of the YWCA is hugely important to me. I support all of the YWCA’s programs, in particular the Women’s Shelter. It is an important resource in our community, offering a safe place as well as moral support and guidance. No woman or child should have to live in an abusive relationship. Every woman and every child deserves to be protected and live in a safe environment.

Every business, organization or household has regular expenses. Making a monthly donation is easy on my cash flow and convenient for the YWCA to manage expenses.”

Thank you, Silvia, for your generosity and commitment to the YWCA.

Monthly donations help to keep YWCA’s essential programs and services afloat (every bit counts!), and position us for the ongoing improvement and expansion of the community supports we offer.

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