May is Sexual Violence Awareness Month in Alberta.  Throughout the month, we’ll be sharing online resources and hosting Facebook Live sessions to raise awareness on the impacts of sexual assault and harassment, and sharing tips on how we can all play a role, both individually and collectively, in eradicating this issue from our communities. 

This week’s theme is “Myths & Truths About Sexual Assault and Harassment”. 

Everyone has the right to say no to unwanted sexual touching. Unfortunately, society’s understanding of sexual violence can be influenced by false beliefs, resulting in the misconception that the victim/survivor is to blame.

Myths about sexual violence and abuse prevent victims from speaking out, seeking help and holding perpetrators responsible for the assault. Getting the facts and dismantling those myths are an important step in ending sexual violence, and finding ways to best support survivors of sexual assault and abuse.


• LawPod: Episode 58 – Speaking Her Truth – Rape Myths and Consent

Trigger Warning: This video contains information about sexual violence that may be triggering to some 

“QUB students Maeve Devlin, Jade Mc Cauley, Tavisha Sood and Alexandra Cook discuss rape myths and consent with PHD student and former journalist Rosie Cowen.”


Harmony Project Survivors Guide

Did you know that the Harmony Project has an information guide created to support victims of sexual assault and their friends and family? The guide offers information and resources specific to the Bow Valley, and dismantles some common misconceptions surrounding sexual assault.

Download a copy at 

Online Resources:

Let The Truth Talk

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