At YWCA Banff we are committed to supporting the community through the pandemic.

As a key social agency in the Bow Valley, YWCA Banff offers programs to support individuals and families facing domestic or sexual violence including emergency shelter, transitional housing, and supportive counselling.

For more than 30 years, YWCA Banff Hotel has provided travelers with a simple, affordable option for hotel and hostel-style accommodation. Revenues from this social enterprise are reinvested into the non-profit organization, providing financial support for violence prevention and response programs, a housing program, and capital infrastructure.

YWCA Banff responded swiftly to the arrival of the pandemic in Canada by suspending hotel operations and closing the facility to the general public. Hotel rooms were repurposed into housing spaces for people in need of housing supports, and an isolation program was launched offering self-contained spaces for local residents in need of a safe place to isolate or quarantine.

Closing the hotel was an enormous decision, but it has allowed us to implement space and safety protocols to keep our critical core programs running safely while expanding to meet the emerging need of our community members impacted by COVID-19.

As the pandemic continues and Bow Valley residents continue to face significant social and economic ramifications, the need for community supports and services remain strong.

That is why we have decided to delay the reopening of the YWCA Banff Hotel while continuing to provide help to our local community where it is needed most.

The decision to reopen will be informed by local and provincial health guidelines, and will take into account the needs of our community.

Until that time, YWCA Banff remains committed to providing accessible and affordable resources to local residents experiencing vulnerabilities.

Persisting through the pandemic

Funding from the government, donors and foundations has provided the YWCA with financial support to address the core needs of our COVID response. Revenues from YWCA Banff Hotel typically account for 60% of our annual revenues. Consider a donation to YWCA’s Thriving Futures Campaign. Your support will help to ensure that we continue to run our full gamut of services and programs, including supports for individuals and families experiencing homelessness, housing instability, and violence.

last updated: April 12, 2021