Turning Tourist Dollars into Community Change

YWCA Banff Hotel is proud to be a social enterprise, which means that by booking a stay with us, guests are reinvesting their vacation dollars into programs and services that benefit vulnerable members of the Bow Valley community. Revenues from the YWCA Banff Hotel go towards supporting violence prevention and response programs, our affordable residence program, and paying wages for staff. Our social enterprise model allows us more flexibility and independence to provide a continuum of accessible services and programs that empower our community.

Your Stay Impacts...


"I arrived in the Bow Valley after leaving an abusive relationship not knowing anyone or much of anything about the place.

When my maximum stay at the women’s shelter elapsed, I had no choice but to live in my car for two weeks. The staff at YWCA Banff never forgot about or stopped advocating for me. As soon as a space became available in their affordable housing building, they were on it. They put a roof over my head, a basic human need.

The Bow Valley is the perfect community to heal. My backyard is full of driftwood and branches that I sculpt into dreamcatchers and share with staff at the Y as my way to show how much I appreciate what they’ve done for me."


"It’s not easy being a mom. I often felt lost and confused about how best to raise my son to be an empathetic and considerate man in our constantly changing society.

Fortunately, in Banff, I wasn’t alone. The Y has long recognized that supporting women in our community cannot be done with the exclusion of men. Their workshops, booklets and support provide boys with the tools, understanding and broader perspective they need to become better men. For me, the Y has never been just for women. It is a trusted and powerful ally in building confidence to parent through challenging times while empowering my son and other young men to become allies for women in our community."


"I am deeply grateful for the ways in which the YWCA has helped me help myself. My favourite activity in summer is to trundle down to the nearby benches and read a book. I can hear the river, watch the birds argue and know I am in a safe and beautiful place."

Your Recommendation Matters

Do you have friends or family visiting Banff and looking for an affordable place to stay? By recommending the YWCA Banff Hotel, you will be supporting our organization and its mission to shape a safe and inclusive Bow Valley.

You Don’t Need to Stay to Support

Staying with us isn’t the only way to support YWCA Banff. Throughout the year YWCA Banff hosts two annual events to raise funds as well as accepting donations year-round.

Shaping a safe and inclusive Bow Valley that empowers women and their community for a better future.

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