The Bow Valley is a safe, healthy, and caring community for all residents.

The Bow Valley Higher Ground Project is YWCA Banff’s plan to develop a collaborative, purpose-built social wellness Hub in Canmore that will support the long-term well-being of women, children, and Bow Valley residents experiencing violence and associated vulnerabilities. Higher Ground will leverage the unique expertise of the YWCA, other local agencies, and the broader network of service providers throughout Alberta in order to optimize the well-being of Bow Valley residents.

Journey to Higher Ground
The YWCA has helped many women and families across the Bow Valley move forward from abuse; has supported countless individuals with a stable home; and has raised awareness and generated action to prevent sexual and domestic violence. As community needs evolve, the YWCA has the experience and strong community ties to be the catalyst for a creative and transformative approach to addressing complex social issues in the Bow Valley.

To learn more about the Bow Valley Higher Ground Project, contact:

Stephen Crotty
Chief Operations Officer & Higher Ground Project Manager
(403) 760-3214

Connie MacDonald
Chief Executive Officer
(403) 760-3215

Mia Travers-Hayward
Fund Development Coordinator

Early Investors
YWCA Banff is deeply grateful for the generosity of the following individuals, businesses, and organizations whose investment has been instrumental in launching the Bow Valley Higher Ground Project: