Nominations for the 2021 Bow Valley Women of Distinction Awards are now closed.

These awards recognize local women who through their own initiative, ability and effort have demonstrated exemplary achievement in their fields. These women are outstanding role models and an inspiration. They have made substantial contributions to the social fabric of our community in unique ways.

Whether recognized as trailblazers in their field or young women on the rise, all are pathfinders, bringing forth the key issues facing Canadian women today.

Nomination Categories

Community Champion

This award honors a woman who has initiated meaningful change within the local community, dedicating her own time and resources to champion her cause. She is a visionary trailblazer, a source of strength for her community, and has improved and enriched the lives of others. She has made a significant and sustained difference in the Bow Valley, and is an influential leader through paid work and/or volunteerism in the private, public, or not-for-profit sector.


This award honors a woman who boldly embraces new, original ideas and pursues creative ways of making a difference in the business or non-profit sector, or through volunteerism. She is a leader who challenges and motivates others to think outside of the box and explore cutting-edge solutions to improving their surroundings, facilitating change and creating opportunities whenever possible. She may be a founder, owner, leader or other innovator, creating and implementing innovative programs, practices, partnerships, policies or activities that influence social good and positive change for our community.

Young Women's Leadership

This award recognizes an emerging leader age 30 and under, who is an inspirational role model in their career, achievements or community building roles. She has made a significant difference in the Bow Valley through her commitment to a cause or pursuit of a personal dream while showing perseverance, innovation and a keen understanding of community issues. She inspires others to follow her example, and sets the pace for others to walk alongside her. She is a leader who will continue to inspire us for years to come.

For any questions about the awards, please contact Carla Snow, Manager of Marketing & Communications at YWCA Banff,

2021 Winners

  • Jane Park | Community Champion
  • Soulafa Al-Abbasi | Innovation
  • Meg Ohsada | Young Women’s Leadership

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Past Winners:


  • Pat Grayling
  • Nan Hughes Poole
  • Karen Hunter Sorensen


  • Elizabeth Hall-Findlay
  • Alanna Pettigrew
  • Lorraine Widmer-Carson


  • Mary Buckingham
  • Keri Martens
  • Janet Townsend


  • Carolin J. Crofts
  • Madeline Crilley
  • Priscilla Wilson


  • Carla Pauls
  • Corrie DiManno
  • Bev Carrick

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