Our Vision: A thriving, equitable society


Our Mission: Shaping a safe, inclusive community that empowers women and girls.

Our Strategic Priorities

Provide a continuum of services and programs that activate our community to end gender-based violence.

Establish a spectrum of sustainable housing solutions with a focus on women.

Advance the rights of women and girls through leadership development, community awareness, training and advocacy.

Build a sustainable organization respected for exceptional people and employment practices; financial stability, ongoing social and community investment and wisest operational practices.

Our Guiding Principles

Innovation: Pushing boundaries as leaders in our field. We challenge conventions to incite change for Bow Valley women, while inspiring our community to do the same.

Sustainability: Maintaining a trustworthy, relevant organization in which supporters instill their long-term confidence. We focus on value, capacity and financial security simultaneously, concentrating resources on fostering a dedicated staff and board, effective programming and a thriving social enterprise hotel.

Inclusivity: Celebrating the fact that everyone matters. We maintain a compassion-centered organization that will never discriminate based on gender, race, religion, or socio-economic status.

AccountabilityProviding a consistent, professional presence in the Bow Valley. We preserve the integrity of our organization through our commitment to a transparent, ethical practice.

Resilience: Shifting in an always-changing landscape. We adapt and persist in order to effectively deliver our desired outcomes.

Community: Delivering outcomes that benefit the entire Bow Valley. We recognize that a united community is essential to realizing equity for women, and welcome our supporters into our journey.

A Women’s Perspective: Recognizing our piece as a member of a global puzzle. We ensure our priorities align with the YWCA Canada and Word YWCA’s commitment to women’s rights.