The Bow Valley Wellness, Recovery and Preparedness Coalition: Launches a Public Awareness Campaign “See the Signs” to promote community well-being and support individuals’ ability to respond to the stress associated with the pandemic.

The Bow valley Wellness Recovery and Preparedness Coalition received provincial funding from the Mental Health and Addiction Covid 19: Community Funding Grant to deliver a public awareness campaign promoting consistent messaging around local wellness activities, resources, services, and relevant health information in order to support the recovery phases of the pandemic.

The Bow Valley Wellness, Recovery & Preparedness Coalition (formerly Committee) was established to support emergency response and psychosocial well-being following the 2013 floods. The Coalition is comprised of local organizations that support the well-being of individuals and community.

In response to the pandemic, the Coalition has organized to create a health messaging campaign to facilitate access to local resources, See the Signs campaign.


The See the Signs campaign aims to:

  • Protect and promote individual well-being and resilience by providing concrete ideas for self care and coping as well as providing resource information regarding local programs and services.
  • Mitigate and prevent mental and behavioral health issues arising from the stress associated with the pandemic by supporting individuals to have a better understanding of when they might be struggling, or need to ask for help.
  • Provide clear and consistent community messaging for all residents of the Bow Valley about how to take care of oneself during these distressing times.

The See the Signs campaign website can be found at:


On the See the Signs webpage you will find information about:

  • The 6 pillars of Mental Health and useful self-care ideas.
  • A quiz that will provide a snapshot of your current stress level.
  • Support services and resources available to you in your own community.
  • A partner’s tool kit with downloadable social media posts, posters and videos.



For more information:

Bow Valley Wellness Recovery Preparedness Coalition


For media information please email See the Signs.