May is Sexual Violence Awareness Month in Alberta.  Throughout the month, we’ll be sharing online resources and hosting Facebook Live sessions to raise awareness on the impacts of sexual assault and harassment, and sharing tips on how we can all play a role, both individually and collectively, in eradicating this issue from our communities. 

This week’s theme is “Why We Need to Talk About Consent”.  

As important as consent is, we don’t talk about it enough.  Let’s change that! We’ve gathered up some interesting and informative resources on the topic of consent, and we invite you to check them out and give some thought to what consent means to you.

Don’t forget to tune in to Facebook Live with Heather and Brynne this Friday, May 8 at 11am MDT. They’ll be discussing key issues such as why it’s so important to talk about consent, how we use consent every day, and how to create a culture of consent. 


• Dear Sugars: “Consent Pt 1, 2, & 3”

Consent: Part 1

“In the midst of the #MeToo Movement, women and men all over the country are re-examining sexual encounters from their past. Over the course of a three-part series on consent, the Sugars answer letters from some of these women and explore the complexity and nuance of sexual consent.”

Consent: Part 2

“Some sexual encounters are obviously consensual, while others are obviously not. But what about those that are neither black nor white?”

Consent: Part 3

“What happens when non-consensual sexual attention moves from the private to the public realm?”

• AboutCONSENT: Ep 9 “How To Create Consent Culture in 2020

“Tune in to learn about how YOU can create consent culture in 2020 and beyond!”

Online Resources:

• Understanding Consent. 13 Reasons Why (Informational Video)

Cycling Through Consent

What is Consent? 

Canadian Government’s “Meaning of Consent”

Everyday Consent

TED talk: How can we end sexual assault at work (consent?)