We are excited to announce the launch of the Thriving Futures Campaign, to provide critical programs and services to the Bow Valley during the pandemic and beyond recovery. With a goal of $500,000, Thriving Futures will help to ensure that YWCA is positioned beyond emergency response for longer sustainability.

As the second wave of the pandemic wears on and Bow Valley residents continue to face significant social and economic ramifications, the need for community supports and services remains strong.

Since March, the YWCA has received some financial support from Foundations and governments to expand our core programs in response to the pandemic. An increase in crisis calls, domestic violence and sexual assault; rising unemployment and homelessness; and increased demand for mental health supports have kept front-line staff busy.

As the need for supports increases, we’re also working hard to sustain our operation with all major revenue streams on hold.  To support expanded programming, we have temporarily closed our social enterprise hotel to better support community needs. The hotel typically accounts for 60% of annual revenues. Fundraising has also been impacted by the cancellation of two VINEart Galas, Bow Valley Walk a Mile and several other events. With no revenues from the hotel, limited fundraising capacity, and uncertainty of government funding, we are launching Thriving Futures to ensure the sustainability of our programs, services, and overall operations.

This is not our first time weathering challenges as an organization, and we are grateful to be part of a community that has stepped up and demonstrated tremendous capacity to work collaboratively during these times of crisis. Your support will help to ensure we are prepared to support our clients, our community, and our organization through 2021.

Find out more about the Thriving Futures Campaign, or make a donation. Every contribution makes a difference.