The YWCA has been the leading provider of managed, affordable housing in the Banff community for over 25 years. We are proud to accommodate 103 residents, while simultaneously delivering programs and services that help make our community a safe and healthy place to live. The YWCA Courtyard Project is an opportunity to expand the inventory of affordable rental housing in Banff. Our goal is to create a thriving neighbourhood by offering suitable, affordable housing and relevant supports that together foster a sense of belonging, security and community pride.

The Plan

The Courtyard Project will add 33 affordable housing units to our inventory, designed for residents who face barriers to finding suitable rental accommodation in Banff. Criteria for potential residents would include (though not exclusively); new and extended families, women and individuals with accessibility needs, with the common thread of being lower income earners. The 2012 Banff Housing Study identified a shortfall of between 450-730 housing units in our community, with the lack of available lands being a key deterrent to overcoming this shortage through traditional supply avenues. The Banff Community Housing Strategy identifies affordable rental housing as a key priority in addressing our housing shortfall.

Creating a home is more than having a physical space in which to live. The YWCA has spent years researching and brainstorming housing innovations in preparation to embark on on the next stage of their plan to expand their affordable housing program. The Courtyard Project will focus on an integrated, active modular design which will strive for net zero energy footprint. Units will have a strong commitment to connectivity, functionality and livability standards for the residents, with a clear mandate to a sustainable, affordable and suitable unit mix.













Rents for the Courtyard units will be influenced by the expectations of our funders. We estimate this to mean approximately 10-20% below market rates, similar to the formula for our existing housing program. The terms and conditions of rental rates are being determined, and details on rental applications will be communicated on this page at a later date.



Estimated Total Project Cost: $9 million (including land)
YWCA Banff Contribution of Land: $1.6 million.
On October 23rd, 2018 YWCA Banff announced receiving funding from both the Alberta and Canadian governments. The provincial government made a significant contribution of $2.6 million. The federal government, through the National Housing Strategy’s Housing Innovation Fund, committed to $1.35 million.
Next Steps

As we finalize details and secure the necessary funding, we will continue to share relevant updates with our community through our website and social media platforms. 

Questions may be directed to Steve Crotty (COO) at

Courtyard Project Information Sheet