Sexual Violence Awareness Month: Week 4 – How We Heal From Trauma


May is Sexual Violence Awareness Month in Alberta.  Throughout the month, we’ll be sharing online resources and hosting Facebook Live sessions to raise awareness on the impacts of sexual assault and harassment, and sharing tips on how we can all play a role, both individually and collectively, in eradicating this issue from our communities. 

Ted Talk: Healing from Sexual Abuse Can Start With One Word 

Trigger Warning: This video contains information about sexual abuse that may be triggering to some 

After Rena Romano gained the courage to speak out about her experience of childhood sexual abuse, she discovered that few victims have the same supportive experience. This compelling talk reveals a new approach allowing each of us to aid sexual abuse survivors to lead healthy, happy, productive lives. “How you and I react and speak to sexual abuse survivors can make a difference in whether we shut down or get help,” Romano says. “If healing begins by telling, then we must make telling safe!” Discover how in this talk by a woman who learned by living it. 

Website: is a culturally inclusive and diverse information hub for Survivors of both sexual and domestic violence. “WE” centers the brave voices of Survivors, while challenging the silence around violence and abuse.  

Ted Talk: Sexual Abuse can be the making, not breaking of you

Trigger Warning: This video contains information about sexual abuse that may be triggering to some 

As a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and a member on the Board of Trustees and an Ambassador for the charity Safeline.Org, Lydia hopes this emotional account of her personal journey can help to empower fellow survivors.

Podcast: Transforming Trauma Into Wellness and Healing

Dr. James Gordon, explains some of the techniques of trauma healing, including some surprising ones, like laughter and spending time with animals. Dr. Gordon also shares with us how he personally handles his own trauma and the programs most often used by the Center for Mind-Body Medicine.