Women’s Circle: A place of connection, self-care and support, where women can come together to have fun, engage, and empower one another.

Click on any of the titles below for a summary of the upcoming Women’s Circle series beginning April 25. 


April 25 - Power of Your Voice: Spoken Word Poetry
Do you wish you had a regular writing practice or wish to deepen an existing practice? Do you want to explore and express feelings and events with greater clarity and detail?
Join Erin Dingle for an evening of unique writing prompts, sharing and tips to enhance your skills and learn more about your own story!

May 2 - Introduction to Mindfulness
This interactive presentation will teach participants about the powerful research behind mindful practices, the benefits they can receive, and tangible takeaways to practice better focus in your life.

Participants will feel empowered to reduce workday stress and burnout; Increase their focus and efficiency; Experience increased energy, positivity and kindness; Learn tangible ways to be more mindful during their day.

Trish Tutton will share the transformative benefits of simple mindful practices: from being more focused and efficient, kinder in our relationships, to experiencing less stress and burnout on a daily basis

May 9 - Empowerment through Movement
Join Emily Sudermann from WildHeart Canmore for an all levels light ballet based workout that will get you in touch with yourself through moving, sweating, and of course smiling! In this hour class we will strengthen and lengthen muscles, build grace, musicality, flexibility and a love of dance. Suitable for all ages and levels, graceful or not! Please wear comfortable clothing

May 16 - Mindful Yoga & Meditation
A gentle mindful yoga class suited for all levels. Class will end with a guided meditation. Please wear comfortable clothing and bring your yoga mat. We have a few extra if you do not have one.

May 23 - Calm In the Eye of the Storm: Mindfulness for Resilience
Did you know that our brains are wired to go negative? No wonder life can be so challenging! In this session we will explore the negativity bias of our brain. Why does our brain highlight the negative in life and how can we incorporate mindfulness practices to enhance the positive and create RESILIENCE (the ability to bounce back from negative or challenging things that happen to us).

This session will include a breakdown of the how’s and why’s of mindfulness including one minute experiences of practice so attendees will walk away with the knowledge of how to practice themselves!  

May 30 - Overcoming Obstacles, Empowerment and Self-Care
To wrap up Sexual Violence Awareness Month, please join us as survivor Nara Pfeifer shares her incredible story, with a focus on ending the silence and stigma surrounding mental health; the importance of self-care; and her personal journey of empowerment and self-discovery.   Nara was assaulted at a very young age, and ostracized and harassed by her peers.  As a result, she lived many years with depression and anxiety, and turned to drugs and alcohol as a means of coping.  Now healthy and healing, Nara is ready to share her story to help others understand the impact of sexual assault, with the intent of helping others to overcome their own obstacles, whatever they may be.

This will be an interactive and intimate conversation.  There is healing in discussion, and hope after trauma.  We will have door prizes and all participants will go home with a self-care package!

Registration for Women’s Circle beginning April 25 is now open!