Women’s Circle: A place of connection, self-care and support, where women can come together to have fun, engage, and empower one another.

Click on any of the titles below for a summary of the upcoming Women’s Circle series beginning Wednesday, November 13. 


November 13 - Traditional Beading Workshop - REGISTRATION FULL
Join us and local Stoney Nakoda artist, Samantha Smalleyes, in a traditional beading workshop.  A group of participants will not only learn traditional beading techniques, but will share a special experience and engage with one another.

November 20 - Film screening of Nanette & discussion

Join us in the viewing of the live comedy performance/documentary ‘’Nanette’’ a stand-up show that includes social commentary, especially about LBGTQ issues and in which Hannah Gadsby deconstructs the nature of comedy and shares her experiences as a lesbian and gender non-confirming woman. The viewing of the documentary will be followed by a discussion facilitated by YWCA educator Jenna

November 27 - Mindful Yoga & Meditation with Trish Tutton

The world teaches us that if we work harder and experience more STRESS, we’ll achieve success and be HAPPIER. Significant research into happiness is CONCLUSIVE that this is simply backwards. In this talk Trish will share her story of how a major loss brought clarity that we control the QUALITY of our lives – not the QUANTITY, and the three simple ways she learned to live happier. We will never completely escape stress. Whether you’re a stay at home mom, entrepreneur or work a 9 to 5 job, Trish’s talk will give you practical methods to implement immediately to bring more life and happiness to your work.

December 4 - Kokedama (Japanese for moss ball) creations with horticulturist and nature lover Deborah

An invitation to come play and get your hands in the dirt…perhaps be creative…turn a tropical plant into a mini, living work of art!  Leave with new knowledge of plant care, AND a beautiful gift for yourself or as a unique gift for someone else.  All materials provided.

Registration for Women’s Circle beginning November 13 is now open!